Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More inspiration.....

I found this on a blog, but I have no idea who it was, so my apologies - but this is good to know.  I am intrigued by the process of art.  I plan to explore this in the future..............

What tips would I give to those looking to designing their own :
Well, first of all, enjoy yourself! Work from your heart and let your fantasy free. I read in a book that they are 5 stages that artists go through;
the first is: the primitive stage - art as children practise it - intuïtive and you can sense that it was so much fun making the piece!
The second stage is when you notice that you are starting to improve your technical skills, you are getting the hang of it.
The third stage is when you become inventive in your art, you are starting to experiment.
The fourth stage is when you become innovative.
And the last stage - which not many artists have managed to reach ;-) - is genius!

So what I'm trying to say is: if you really love what you do, this will reflect in your work and people will notice it. And then later on, if you have had time enough to practise and to grow, your work will start to evolve and it will get more and more beautiful and refined.

Thank you for that insight.  I can't wait to practice, practice, practice.............

Monday, September 26, 2011

Being patient, trusting, beleiveing....

I found this on  blog by Christine Alvarado
This really resonates with me.  I know I have had to make a lot of dolls to find my 'style'
And I have made a LOT of dolls.  But I am still dissatisfied.  And this inspirational piece will remind me of what I have to do - and why.  I know this to be true.  Time will tell.............

Ira Glass on Storytelling from David Shiyang Liu on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I love birds - I think?

Yesterday I decided to walk the 3 kilometres from home to our new offices.   I have always enjoyed walking, but I can be lazy and tend to get too busy to make time for exercise.  Well, because our office is only 3 kms I thought - I can do that - 1/2 an hour - I do an easy 1/2 hour walk along the beach, so off I went...........
Who would have thought I was in danger????  No my friends, it was not a criminal of the human kind, it was not the busy traffic or the gum trees (which can drop huge boughs when they feel like it)..........
It was...............
The BIRDS!!!!!

Now, here in the Southern Hemisphere Spring is in the air.  And if you know anything about the birds and the bees ......well trust me they are all doing it!  So as I walked happily across the local park to my surprise and concern I was encircled by 'the birds'.  Not one or two but at least a dozen actually circling me and flying into my 'personal space' in a threatening (or protective) manner!  At first I was a little frightened - you do remember that movie..................

And I was being surrounded - for the whole length of the park (300 metres at least) they kept circling and flying toward me.  But I was brave (like Tippi) I stood my ground and forged ahead.  It was bizarre.  there were no other people around at the time, just me, and the birds..............all around me! Beleive me, I was glad to get across that park.  I have to assume there were a whole lot of nests in those gum trees.  And just for the record, I guess I should admit - the birds were little swallows! 

Such lovely, cute little birds.  (Remember Tippi had a problem with sparrows in the really can't trust those little guys.)
Well this saga has not ended.........I then made my way through the leafy suburbs, avoiding the busy main road with the trucks and cars.
So I am walking along the path and there in front of me is not one, not two, but three magpies. 
They were obviously catching breakfast - but I was on their turf. 
Again I had to steel myself and nonchalantly side step around the trio.  These are big birds, with pointy beaks and they have a reputation for being very territorial.  People in country areas have been swooped on by magpies protecting their nesting areas.  They will take your eye out!!  Children have stuck big eyes on the back of their hats to detract birds's true.......
Well anyway, they let me pass.  But I decided it was a bit dangerous walking that way.  Today I tried a different route.  I still had to cross the park, but there were only 4 swallow sentries out today, it was a different time of day too.  But see how hard it is to just get a bit of exercise?  There is danger everywhere..............  But i still love birds  :-)


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