Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm back - I think!

It has really been ages since I have had the energy to even look at my blog. Sometimes life gets in the way and you can lose your motivation. I have tried to work on my pattern dolls, but did sidestep with a drawing class that was a disaster. I cannot draw. Have you ever tried to draw a tissue box? when I thought I had actually managed to draw a box - I realised I had just drawn a box as I knew it to look - not actually the box in the still life on the table! Then there was the issue of relative size and perspective........I could draw the items, but they were nothing near the actual size in reality! I cannot draw.....and I haven't even mentioned the mess that charcoal makes.................

Anyway, my greatest achievement was the 'Capsicum' in willow. What do you think?


By the way, it seems I have had visitors to this site, and it would be lovely for someone to make a comment or contact me. Sometimes art and craft can be a very lonely business so if you have viewed my dolls or have a 'constructive criticism' - let me know you are out there.

Monday, March 10, 2008

crazy pattern making......

Well I HAVE been doll making in the last month, but I have also been taking every spare minute to recreate some pattern dolls that were waiting for release. I remade the Princess, giving her a book to read and a tuffet to sit on.