Saturday, November 12, 2016

New Name ........New Start

Yes I changed my name .........again.  I just keep trying to find my identity.  Let's see if this time I am on the right track.  Just need to get somthing in the shop to sell.  Maybe a teddy.........

Friday, November 11, 2016

That's the way the cookie crumbles

I understand business.  I understand having a brand, a logo, an identity.  I have done my research about being unique but recognisible.  If you have followed me of late, you will know I have not been productive or even sold anything online.  Basically, I know it is a fear of failure.  My nightmare is I proudly send an item to a buyer, and they scrutinise it and decide to send it back because they see a fault in it that I did not.  But I want to sell online.  And very very slowly I have set up an Etsy shop, started on instagram and am trying to keep my blog alive - Facebook is my downfall - I have 48 friends.  Don't laugh.  I am just a bit agaist everyone knowing personal stuff.  But I know Facebook is an excellent way to promote your business.  I know I need social media, but it take ages and ages to keep it up to date.  Well for me anyway.

So here is my dilemma.  As much as I like this name "Little Me Handmade" and I had a real vision for the brand and identity it is with great sadness that I will have to abandon it.
This year a new doll maker has stepped up and is actively selling on Etsy and regularly posts to instagram.  Thast's how I discovered LittleMeClothdolls.

This is a dollmaker in Australia (East Coast - I am Southern Australia) who has chosen a name so close to mine it is obvious there may be confusion.  I don't want to be mistaken for her, and I am sure she does not want to be mistaken for me.   But surely she did a search before she chose her name to see if it was too similar.  Yes, I did have my name first, on Etsy.  But I have not been active.  She is.
She makes cloth dolls and related stuff.  My name is not registered or copyrighted, I just thought it would be a good name for my handmade items and it related to the things I liked when I was little,

To be honest, when I wanted that name and searched, I found a Little Me business, but it was children's clothing - not dolls.
So I thought I could use my name to make dolls and teddies and stuff.
Now there is another dollmaker with the name Little Me.  If it were not dolls that would have been okay.  If it was not Australia, that would have been okay.

So my only option is to find a new name.  It's not that simple.  I don't want my name - it's too ordinary.   So keep your eye on this space.  There will be some changes made.