Saturday, May 10, 2008

Time to make dolls.........

So, here it is such a long time since I posted and what have I been doing? I have had a couple of days where I have been motivated to do something.......... and then it goes. I have been doing a lot if knitting - see knit4charities
- only because I like this time of year and I have so much wool and I like to knit, it is relaxing, which is what I must be needing at the moment.

Any way I HAVE tried to make a start on a pattern doll with the trapunto face. I am feeling a bit happier with this design, but too distracted to actually think and design the clothing at this moment.

I have also made a start on one of the paperclay styles. She has heavy paperclay shoes which I am not so happy with.

So I am a bit stuck with her.......
Here is another girl waiting to be dressed and given a face and identity. I thought she was going to be a Red Riding Hood but she has other ideas I have yet to work out.

And now I am working on another project - to dress a Polymer doll who has been hanging around the studio. It's not that I don't finish anything I start, it seems I need to have the identity develop before I progress, sometimes it happens quicker than other times. I will post a picture of that progress soon. I seem to like costuming but it is torture trying to work out what colour/style/fabric to use!