Saturday, February 11, 2012

Look what I did!

This is not a very clear pic, because I quickly snapped it with my phone.  This is the mystery doll I created for the Doll Club meeting.  She took me a week to make, only because I knitted her cardi, scarf and hat.  The knitted patterns were actually from the  AK Traditions  kit that I picked up at one of the craft shows 18 months ago.
She has a mask face covered with cotton jersey and her body and limbs are muslin (calico).  Her boots were purchased at last years Hahndorf Doll Show and her little felt bag is hand stitched.
I really enjoyed making her and the doll pattern was a generic offering to the club to see the different types of dolls that can be created from one pattern.  You can just see 2 dolls directly behind mine (sorry ladies) that were also from the same pattern.
Here are Two of the workshop dolls from Susie's Muse class.  (There is also a little Zozie)
These are wonderful and the fact they are painted  figures gives them an art piece distinction.  Now I must finish mine.  I would like to finish a lot of my UFO's this year.  I have lots of bodies and heads and just deciding how to dress them is my stumbling block.
This little challenge doll ended up with a completely different outfit to the original plan, so it is about taking the time to sit down and think it out....................when I get the time..............