Thursday, February 24, 2011

Presenting Lady Emily

This is the clay over cloth doll I made a while ago.  She has a clay face and a painted body.  I really like her, but she is not quite there.  I will make sculpted hands and legs as in the previous post

I really rushed to do this next dolly.  She is a little bit prim, but not enough I think.  I'm not sure where she fits in doll making.  I would really like to try a Queen Anne Doll - actually I like  the Christine LeFever  interpretation of these types of dolls.
I have not actually finished her clothing and she needs some lace and trims on her dress to make her look more appealing.  The hat ribbon is too heavy I think.  So this girl will take a little more work to look good enough to sell.
Here is a Barbara Willis doll.  Her name is Forget Me Not Fairy (I think :-) (nearly forgot!)
She has been waiting for her clothing for over 18 months.  I would like to finish her and sell her at the Hahndorf Doll Show coming up in April.  A friend and I will have a stall there and I need to make some dolls to sell!  I thought it would give me an incentive to make dolls, but I am struggling to find the time of course!But I am trying, so I have a few heads underway, and arms and legs...............

Monday, February 14, 2011

Now I have something to show you!

I started with a foil skull and neck
 Rolled out the paperclay and smoothed it over

I have not worried about the back of the head, but you should sculpt a nice shaped  head to get a more realistic shape!

        I love chopsticks - I use them for necks, for stuffing, for armatures. 
Here I have used them for shaping and the size of the leg and arms. 
I have some 'vintage' wooden chopsticks - seriously 30 years old! -  I like them because they are very tapered at the tip.

  I have made cupped palms for the hands

Adding clay

I use may hairdryer to speed up the drying

 Adding fingers

Adding clay to the face.  The head has already been baking for a few hours prior to this. 
 It is a much better way to add features.  Things stay put.

Baking, baking, baking for hours and hours and hours

My dolly is coming together

Here she is!
What do you think?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Finally I have had some time to do this.......

Now, this is really a bit of a cheat................I  have just shown pictures of a doll that I made last year.
I don't seem to have shown this doll at all!  I took progress pictures as I made her, and did not share this with you!  So now I have given you a glimpse of her, I will post her picture soon.  I am changing direction at the moment, and trying to decide what size doll I enjoy making, and just what style I want to do.  So, once I have worked that out....................