Sunday, January 18, 2009

Where have I been????????

I have not posted anything for ages. It's not that I haven't been doing anything......I have actually been extremely busy. Of course Xmas took up a few weeks of socialising, family and travel to the country. We visit the South East where DH's sister lives and aside from all the drinking and eating we visited this gigantic tree which is a feature of the South East. The core has been burnt out, but the tree is still alive and it is the biggest and one of the oldest trees there. It is beautiful country with so much bird life. The old swamps have dried up, but it is still wonderful to see.

And just before Xmas I made 3 quilts as gifts for family. That was a monumental task. I was so busy doing them, I didn't take photos of them at the time. I must make records of my finished projects......

And I had to finish a Santa for my son Nathan. I am only just getting back into routine now and January is nearly over! Haven't even had a moment to get out my Susie McMahon dolls that are half finished.

I have the newsletter for the Cloth Doll group to do now so the next 3 days will be busy and I have to do the Tax for my DH's business - someone has to earn the money..........