Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Always working - just not on dolls...........

I seem to be very busy every day and I would love to just get up and go into my "Studio" and work on dolls. But I am so not a morning person. I get up have breakfast,shower,read the paper(always do the Sudoko), do household chores and by that time it is 11am. Then I usually have some book work to do for our home business, then it's lunch wonder I never get anything finished, my time management is terrible. Anyway, among the many projects I have on the go, here are a couple of pictures of air dry clay added to cloth. I love that with the clay you can slice off bits you don't want, sand it smooth as silk, remodel what doesn't look right and add or remove any bits you're not happy with. This doll is patiently waiting for her sculpting to be finished and her peronality to be revealed. I 'm not sure who she is yet, in similar circumstances last year, I created my award winning doll Marionetta.