Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sidetracked again...........

I have been doing 10 things at once at the moment.

Having joined the quilter's guild, I am in the process of finishing 3 quilts started more than 18 months ago.
This is just one that is in pieces, yet to be joined.

I have also had fun working on a doll with a friend who needed some confidence with covering a paperclay mask with cloth on a
"Barbara Willis doll".
This pattern is called Eau de Parfum and she is very sweet. The pictures are of her progress, Ruth has made her jacket from the most beautiful fabric and there are lots of finishing touches to make the doll perfect. Her hair is not actually attached in this photo and it needs styling - I will try to get a photo of her finished.

And I have a new Brother! Well it is not a person Brother, but a sewing machine Brother. My DH heard me cursing as I was struggling to quilt one of my projects and he tagged along to the shop and put the money down for a new machine! Well now he expects me to use it for everything so I dilligently started on one of my Santa's. The pics are of the crazy patch coat in progress and the "machine embroidery" all over the coat. It was a breeze to do with my Brother, so I am going to be very busy sewing..............