Thursday, March 25, 2010

Finally - Continuum

So here I am, in my new room, with 5 projects that I am committed to by April 10th!    These are:-  Titania, the partner for Oberon ( a pattern by Suzette Rugolo)  - seen here.   I made Oberon several years ago as a competition entry.  He won first place.  He is rather small - being of the fairy realm....    Suzette created Titania (the fairy) as a complementary pattern and I had always intended to make her. Well, with the Hahndorf Doll Show so close, our cloth doll club will have a display table with a sales table and a raffle.  So, I decided to donate Oberon and Titania for the raffle - BUT Titania was not made here I am madly trying to put together doll project 1.Titania is dressed in full 18th century panniers, underskirt, dress jacket etc..............................So tell me  - does this look like an 'S'??
The Idea is that the club will have a sign that is made up of dolls marking out the letters of the words for the 'Cloth Dolls Club'  So I have an 'S' and an 'h' to do...........  The doll is not the problem, it is all the costuming and adornments to make it look interesting! Dolls 2 and 3!
And lastly, my little sweethearts.  Remember I started these back here,  then got all caught up in my new doll making frenzy here.  Well that poor doll is waiting, partly dressed and at the moment,  these 2 little girls take priority and are numbers 4 & 5.
It will be a miracle if I get all this done in just over 2 weeks, but I will try.  I do really like my craft, and if I don't have time to do it I go a bit crazy and cranky.  My new room is good, and spacious, it's just at the front of the house and we live on a fairly busy main road, so the traffic noise is something I have to get used to. When I have a moment, and I tidy it up, I will take a picture of how I have settled in to the new room.
It's all good

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Well, I had to move again!!!

 I actually don't know what to say............. For the last two days I have been in total disarray!  After my last post, where I had discovered that a tidy workspace was one of the things to keep me DH decided it was a good idea for me to move into the vacant room that Brad left behind - so...................
from my cramped tiny studio, that I have only been in for a few months.......

From this space .........

To this space................ 
and moving all my stuff..............................

The room is painted and waiting for curtains

Somehow, now I have so much room, I don't know how to make it look lived in!!  There is a wide open space along one wall, which IF I do workshops, I could set up a group table (small group that is), but to be quite honest, this is the last thing I needed in the middle of a creative surge I have had going.  No wonder I run out of steam and lose my motivation.  All this white furniture and neatness it too much for me.  So I now I have to get busy and make a mess so that I can feel settled - but I don't feel like it now  :-( 
I'm tired!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I can't work like this...

I have come to realise something about my work style.  When my desk/studio is a mess - I can't work.  I need to clean my desk and start fresh frequently when I am working on a project.  It's like I can't think straight when my desk is not straight.   This doll is really taking me through a process of learning - what I need to do and what I like to do.  I had a huge dilemma when it came to how I was going to dress her.  I feel like I need a step by step pattern to make a doll.  But, the reality is, it is so much easier not thinking or trying to find a suitable pattern.  This doll will have her clothing stitched on and so her clothing can be quite fitted.  To do this, the easiest way is to get paper towel, wrap it to the body part,  I trim in darts or draw the shape (e.g. underarm shape) and then stitch up the paper pattern.  Drape it on the doll and make adjustments, it is so much easier than trying to find a pattern part that will fit the body.  In the past, I have made dolls with a mind to explain the process, scribble down each step, so that I don't forget it for next time.  Well blow that idea!!  No wonder I can't make a doll to please myself, I'm thinking about an imaginary doll maker while I'm still thinking it through!  That's like an author anticipating what the reader expects the story to be, when it's not even written yet!  Amazing - I could not put my finger on why I was so blocked creatively!  What a revelation!
So here is the desk a little tidier.  You can see the paper pattern for the gathered skirt on the desk under the doll.  I think she is a little too lithe, the challenge was to make her features elongated, and it was good to try it, but I think a little more muscle would be nice, but she is very elegant - I think.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blog friends

The internet has opened up a whole new world to me, and I guess for those of you reading this, it is the same.  I have only a couple of close friends - lots of aquaintences through my craft - but my close friends,  they don't make dolls, knit, or sew - they work full time, with only the weekend free to catch up and 'do lunch' or dinner.  So to make friendships, far reaching friendships, with people who are interested in what you do and understand crafting, is new to me.  Jules  who's blog is  Adventures in Thread sent me a gift this week.
It is the sweetest hand felted teddy in a silk pouch.
Jules lives in the UK and she does beautiful embroidery - something I cannot do.   
She has made a few cloth dolls, and you must visit her blog, her dolls are great!

What I love is that she made this herself and decided to send it to me. 
  Having come all the way from the UK - which is in a cold snap at the moment - I knew I had to protect teddy's delicate coat from our harsh Australian summer sun!
Of all my dolls, Aliyah is the one who most wanted to look after the new addition.
I just love this little guy, he is so soft and has the sweetest face.
Thank you Jules.