Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Susie McMahon is coming!

Well it is less than a week now til Susie McMahon visits us here in Adelaide.  We are lucky enough to have Susie teaching 2 workshops for our Cloth Doll Club.
I discovered Susie's work a few years ago, just surfing the net.  I even found old footage of a brief interview on the Carol Duvall Show on the HGTV network. 
But if you are not familiar with the type of dolls Susie does just click here and you can see the wonderful art she produces.
 The last time Susie visited I made this dolly.  I'm not sure who my dolly is, but she seems to work in an odd way.  She kind of ended up being a little girl in strange clothes with strange hair.   She is holding a sad looking clown doll and she has an odd expression. The doll has a mask face and all cloth body.

 This is Susie's Moxie as a little fairy...................
(I just checked back and it was December 2008! I kept thinking it was only last year or the year before - where does the time go???)

 But then I found this version which Susie has made herself.

So with any type of creative art, it is all open to interpretation.  Fairy or little girl?
In that last class I also sculpted a doll which is still dis-assembled in the cupboard.  I should find her and put her together.  Hmmm.....
I just haven't been able to focus on dolls since working full time now.  We will see what happens....

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