Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What a difference a day makes.

Well, it has been many many days since I updated this blog.  And I have missed it.
But I was forced to focus on full time work and none of that complicated doll making stuff.
I was happy enough to dabble with the occasional quilt and knitting.  I love knitting.
And in the past couple of years, we sold our house, relocated to a small country town, closed down the business that was sapping our finances and souls, became proud grandparents and decided to focus on considering semi retirement.
Now, it is not really retirement, it is just getting back to an easier pace of life.  I love our little township.  The locals are so friendly.  Everyone you speak to loves where they live too, and I am slowly integrating into the community.  I am not going to work in the rat race anymore, so I decided to make a commitment to sell my craft. More about that tomorrow.  For now, lets just say this is a whole new start for me.  I was going to shut down the Art Doll Designs blog, but making the changes will just strengthen my plan to move in this new direction. Hey I even set up a market stall!  I will be at the Port Elliot market Saturday and the Goolwa market Sunday.  Just putting it out there........

Sunday, January 13, 2013

On my Table...

So today I decided to work on a doll - I won't say who she will be ......yet..........

Again, she is made of spare body parts,
dolls that I started to make, but never got
to be put together

Friday, November 2, 2012

You'll never guess what I was doing this morning...

My DH had a birthday today and always wanted to go on a balloon flight.  So why wait?  Of course I had to go too.............


Yes, that's us in the balloon with 4 others and the Pilot at 5:00am

Then the sun came up.......


Our Pilot Justin

Everything that goes up must come down...

This was the scene at 4:30am.  That is the moon above.

It was very very cold.  Firing up the air was spectacular and warm

The balloon rose really quickly.  And we had to climb into that basket.  Elegant it was not!

Then we had to compete for air space.  That is an ultralight flyer who circled us for a while and then flew over to the opposition - there was another balloon up this morning, but a bit too far away.  And we had the moon and the sun in the sky!
Then we finished with a champagne breakfast on the lovely grounds of Peter Lehman Winery.
And drove back home to go back to bed  :-)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fortune Teller Doll

I started this doll in May of 2008.   She was going to be a fairy catcher or Edwardian type of Miss, but she didn't want to be anything like that.  So here we are in 2012 and this little girl is my Fortune Teller Doll!
She has her black stockings and pantaloons and her pose is the same.

 I stole some boots from an vintage doll I adopted and started to plan her costume and create all the paper fortunes.  Each leaf of her skirt has a fortune.  She has over 100 fortunes to tell!!!

The problem with having a paper skirt is that paper is very heavy.....(Think of a ream of paper)   And making all the papers fan out evenly around her hips is tricky to say the least.  But the effect is evident in how cute she turned out.  The fact some of the papers twisted at the back of her outfit is not a problem really.

I really enjoyed making her.  The challenge from the club got me thinking about making dolls again.  As much as I think I don't have time or really want to make dolls - it seems I do.  So perhaps there will be another doll on this site soon.  We'll see how much time I have to create something new in the near future.   Never say never..............

I made a doll!

Last Sunday we had a doll club meeting.  The theme was the Fortune Teller Doll.   I had put my hand up to do some fun fortune telling.  I have Tarot cards and books, I also have Runes and Cat Wisdom cards.  And I read a book many years ago that anyone can do tea leaf reading if they just use their natural intuition.  So how hard could it be to tell some fortunes?  Well it would help to have a Fortune Teller doll.   Now you may not have heard of the Fortune Teller Doll, but they were very popular in Victorian times as a Parlour Game.  The doll has a skirt made of paper fortunes.  A picture is worth a thousand words so here is a picture of my Fortune Teller doll......

The meeting was a hoot!  I kind of dressed the part - but avoided the camera.  Olive dressed up and looked perfect as our Tea leaf reader and so she took to it like a duck to water!  You can see Olive on the far left looking at the show and tell.
Everyone got very excited when this little witch on on her broom appeared in the cup!  Not sure why the witch appeared, but there must have been a little magic happening that day.
Some more pictures of fortune dolls........



Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Look what I did!

This is not a very clear pic, because I quickly snapped it with my phone.  This is the mystery doll I created for the Doll Club meeting.  She took me a week to make, only because I knitted her cardi, scarf and hat.  The knitted patterns were actually from the  AK Traditions  kit that I picked up at one of the craft shows 18 months ago.
She has a mask face covered with cotton jersey and her body and limbs are muslin (calico).  Her boots were purchased at last years Hahndorf Doll Show and her little felt bag is hand stitched.
I really enjoyed making her and the doll pattern was a generic offering to the club to see the different types of dolls that can be created from one pattern.  You can just see 2 dolls directly behind mine (sorry ladies) that were also from the same pattern.
Here are Two of the workshop dolls from Susie's Muse class.  (There is also a little Zozie)
These are wonderful and the fact they are painted  figures gives them an art piece distinction.  Now I must finish mine.  I would like to finish a lot of my UFO's this year.  I have lots of bodies and heads and just deciding how to dress them is my stumbling block.
This little challenge doll ended up with a completely different outfit to the original plan, so it is about taking the time to sit down and think it out....................when I get the time..............

Monday, December 12, 2011

Look What Susie did!

I have so wanted to make time to update this blog, but I have been a bit busy and quite ill with a flu.  But I am better now, and I have something to show you......

Well, as you may have gathered Susie McMahon visited Adelaide in a week that flew by, and now another week has flown by since she left!  But I was fortunate enough to have Susie stay with me, and in her quiet manner she gently nudged me to spend some time on doll making.
She is a brilliant talent, and when she found a forlorn stray unfinished dolly she said "I can fix her problem. I'll do that for you when I have a moment.."  ... and she did.  Just look at this beautiful face
Now this is not a very good photo at all.  (I seem to have moved my camera to the new office, so it is somewhere in an unpacked box.)  But you should have seen this sad little misshapen head before Susie worked on it.  This was a mask face doll that was glued a bit wonky (to say the least) and quite a lumpy bumpy face.  Yet when Susie painted her face this ugly duckling turned into a swan and she is the sweetest little thing.  Now I have to dress her and finish her - isn't that the sort of inspiration we all need sometimes?
As for inspiration, well you have seen the photos of the workshop dolls coming together.  Because I was quite unwell on the workshop day, I didn't progress very far, however...........................
look at this........................

From this.........
I just started to do a little at a time. 
(I learnt this mind set in sales training - it's called the Salami method, where you have a big job to do and just start to slice it into small bits to get through it)
One morning before work, I just mixed some acrylic paint and watered it down and then brushed it all over the body.  I was able to leave it all day while I was at work and then I decided to glue the muslin to the head.
I left a bit loose to go around the chest and then just glued the whole thing to the body.
Left it to the next day and decided she should have muslin hair and her little chest cavity should also be lined with muslin.
Once I started to shred the muslin into hairy lengths, I thought just a bit of PVA glue would help the tresses twist and stay in place.  This all sort of evolved as I looked at what the next step should be.  The doll really does create herself.  The Muse is absolutely the right name for her. I really needed a Muse.
So thank you Susie, I thought I would never have time to think about dolls, but it seems I do!

Monday, December 5, 2011


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