Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Progress report

Today I had some time to review my photos of the work I had completed on my Glorex dolls

I have not had time to work on them for the last few weeks, I did get to the dressing stage but my hair choice sort of stopped me in my tracks.

The doll with the mit hands is from the kit I purchased earlier this year. The doll with the fingered hand is the one I have created by forming my own mask face. I am very happy with the result, but I neglected to add to the top lip to give it more fullness when I laid the paperclay over the form. I added to the nose, but not to the lips, I will remember to do this next time as she looks like she needs dentures!

I love the look of the Mimi Kirchener dolls, they have messy hair and unusual clothing and very expressive faces. She makes Softies type dolls now - check out her blog here
In this last pic, I have plonked a piece of tibetan lambswool skin on each dolls head. I purchased the hair from Fabric Addictions in Western Australia. It is fantastic hair, and a good sized piece, particularly as these dolls have big heads!
Of course, they can't look like this, the hair needs to be shaped to the skull and attached properly - but I like this type of wild haired look.
To finish the dolls, I would like to knit a cardigan or vest for each doll to complete the look, but I actually don't have any wool because I gave it away to charity! So it looks like it will be some time yet before these girls are finished.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Life's ups and downs.......

Well, today my husband went into hospital for the 6th or is it 7th time this year!
I have lost count. As you can see from the clinical diagram.........his problem is his heart. There are some wonderful specialists on the job, working to fix it. So I am keeping upbeat and trusting he will be back to his old self once the doctors are finished their job.

On a happier note, this weekend my 2nd son Brad, celebrated his engagement to his sweetheart Natali. They had a great party and are clearly devoted to each other. That is all you really want for your kids, for them to find love and happiness - and leave the nest...........

It has been such a busy time with running the business, doctor and hospital visits, family commitments, and just running a household. It is no wonder I am having such a hard time trying to make dolls.
To top it all off, we have decided to get a puppy - Malcolm has so wanted a dog ever since we lost Sheba quite a few years ago.
She was such a wonderful dog, and it was impossible to replace her when she went to dog heaven. But after all these years, it feels like we could do with a little companion.

The only problem we have with that is someone in the house is not going to be too happy with news of a new border. A companion this cat does not need. Take a look at the fur all over the couch!

So, my apologies to doll lovers, I just cannot find the time to make a doll - not for a while ...........let's see what happens when the fur stops flying!