Sunday, August 14, 2011

A strange thing is happening to me.........

I have not made a doll in months.  I have been working 8 hour days, my routine after work is cook dinner, do chores, sit down in front of the TV, turn on my laptop and search blogs, or play cards or put that away and do some knitting.  Well, then I get bored with knitting.  I just need something that will give me quick results.  Our generation of instant gratification.......
So in my travels searching the net, I stumbled across this web site
I always check back on older posts, just to see the threads and any other interesting things on the site.

So I found these cute little animals........
And I was so taken with how cute and small they were.
I wanted to make one.  Just a small teddy (I have made quite a few teddy bears in the past.  Enough to know, I like to make small ones, hand sewn from mohair - not that synthetic stuff.
Well I was able to buy an e-pattern and now I
will have to make the time to sew up a little creature.
But can you see what is going on here......?
I can't leave crafting alone.
I need to try new things, keep my hands busy and do something (while I am sitting in front of the TV)
Now, I know many of you would say why do you plonk yourself in front of that thing anyway?
Well, for those who have not heard this before, I like it!  TV is my friend.  It talks incessantly, but if I don't need to hear it, I can press mute and just look at the pictures.  A lot of people would say there is a lot of rubbish on TV.  Believe me I agree.  But I am selective, and if there really is nothing that interests me I turn it off - that is as long as my DH is already asleep!  But I have always felt a little guilty, just sitting there, not doing anything and watching stuff.  So to feel like I am actually not being lazy, I find some sort of craft to occupy my hands - and my brain.
Amazing what the brain can do, absorb TV shows while working out how to create craft as well as controlling heartbeat, breathing, blinking and digesting coffee and chocolate!
So thankyou to Gingermelondolls and.......
Thankyou to all you bloggers out there who make, and do, and share your work.  Know that at some stage, someone, somewhere will be inspired by your work and it will keep some idle hands busy, and bring some joy from the achievement of being able to say "I made this" - while watching 'Inspector Rex'!