Saturday, February 28, 2009

Is a fox a doll?

Here is my fox. He/she is life size. I was asked by a friend to help make an animal for a puppet theatre play that a local school puts on every year. I love a challenge, but I stress so much. Of course there was no pattern and I had to blow up a photocopy of a photo to the size I needed. I then had to create the pattern and decide on how to make the fox stand without falling over when picked up and put down by the players. I took these pics before I did the final stitching up, you can still see the pin in the ear. I have to say I am very pleased with how my fox turned out. I think the director will like it. The play is in June so I will be attending opening night to see my fox perform. By the way the play is 'The Secret Garden' and my friend Lois has made a red robin, a black bird, rabbit and a lamb. She is amazing, there is no way I could make the things she does. The fox was quite enough for now...

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