Saturday, September 19, 2009

Creating those masks....

Well, I decided to try to recreate one of the mask faces for those little dollies I like so much. I happened to find a small doll - I'm not sure if the head is porcelain or just a resin. She was missing an arm and her hair was falling off, so I rescued her from the $2 box. I spread a generous layer of vaseline on the surface and here is the method I used to create a paperclay mask.

Now the mask is quite fragile because it is so thin. I let the paperclay dry out for a day, sanded the face and prised it away from the head -(I was quite nervous doing this, I was sure it would crumble, but it didn't!)

There is still trapped moisture on the inside, so I let this dry some more and then to strengthen it, I decoupaged the inside with torn paper and diluted PVA glue. It worked quite well and dried quite strong. Although it did shrink a little, the mask is a little narrower than the original head, which is okay, because it keeps the head close to the original size of the body. Of course I will make a new body, I only have some white cotton jersey fabric which I will try to dye a skin colour. I'm not sure this will give the right body shape when I make it up, jersey is not the body fabric I had for the other doll, but we will see what happens..........


Susie McMahon said...

Hi Sandy!
Thanks for following my blog. Thought you might like to know that when I clicked the link in your info, it took me to a religious doomsday site called sandypine bible something-or-other. I found your blog by googling your name. I don't know if there is any way of fixing that problem! You seem to be making some great stuff - and I understand the problem about being pulled every which way before you can do yoiur own stuff - I think it is a problem commeon to many women - I know am affected!

Sandy Pine said...

Thanks Susie,
I have fixed the link now. Sometimes this computer stuff is more work than fun. Give me dolls anytime. :-)

Susie McMahon said...

Yay! You fixed it! Interestingly, that other site also had the address "" - not quite sure how that could have happened. Anyway I'm glad you fixed it.

Sandy Pine said...

So am I! I think it is a spam type of connection that must pick up addresses and uses them.


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