Sunday, February 21, 2010

The ugly stage.....

Oh my Gosh!!     The camera does not lie!!     What's the ugly stage!! 
Now this is somehow true for my creations.  They all have an ugly stage.  This is a warning to all you inexperienced doll makers, if it happens to you - there is a solution - I have been here many times and the solution just have to push through it!  Trust me. 
There is a stage of doll making, where you look at what you are doing, and you can easily be put off.  How is this mess ever going to be what you have visualised in your mind's eye?  Even with cloth dolls, there is a moment where you think - "How can I make this look............"
So here I am, in the middle of my "creation"  
I excitedly take a picture  -  and I have this ..................
As you can see, I enthusiastically added a possibe hair style.
I thought she would look like Rapunzel - obviously not quite!
Now there is a lot more sanding, painting, finishing and adding of body parts to improve this situation.  A lot more work to be done!
So I am not disheartened - yet.  I have faith I am on the right track.
We are all going to be surprised by what this doll is going to be!


Sue said...

Push through is right Sandy! Sometimes it is akin to labor pains but ohhhh so worth it. Can't wait to see how your doll turns out. For me it can change many times...... fun!

Sandy Pine said...

Thanks for your on-going encouragement Sue. It is like labour, and at this stage, I don't know how she is going to look - not at all!


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