Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's Winter, so I knit

I am in love with knitting again.  In my early 20's (which were the 1980's) knitting was all the rage.
Crazy, loud, bright knitted jumpers were everywhere.
Here in Australia, a young designer called Jenny Kee was making a name for herself.

She designed fantastic colourful unique creations, and I so wanted to own one of her designs.

But, back then, her designs were a little out of my reach.
A jumper I was in love with was a little over $400 about 2 weeks of my husbands wages!
So being the innovative type I was, without a pattern - just heaps of pictures from magazines - I copied her design.  Yes, I did it.  I just bought lots of coloured balls of wool, drew up graphs and knitted every chance I got.  It took me nearly 12 months to make but I did it.  And it was quite good too..........

Here is Natali modelling it.  It is a little tight on me now, but back then I wore it with pride.  Being the fashionista I was, many people asked about the jumper, I always gave credit to Jenny Kee, unfortunately, in the circles I moved - hardly anyone knew who Jenny Kee was!  I actually can't believe I did this without the pattern.  I don't think I could do it today.  Well, I guess I could...........I just need to get some wool.
I have not had any good quality wool for some time.  I have inherited lots of bits and I have been knitting squares for blankets to donate to the local Animal Welfare League.  Knitting for charity is a good thing, and without a big project to think about, you can do small stuff and it is helping someone else.  It is also helping my mother who has been a little depressed and so I had the brainwave idea that she could put the squares together if I knitted them up.  She can still crochet beautifully - at 84 - and I dislike crochet.  I love the clik clak of the knitting neeles and the variety of designs you can get with knitting.  Crochet always looks like crochet dc or treble - boring.
But I need to get some lovely wool to knit for myself.  I just did a search for the Yarnbarn in Rostrevor and the website doesn't work and the local business listing is missing.  Has it closed down?  I really liked that wool shop, there are not many here in Adelaide, and that had the nicest ambiance - if you know what I mean.

Here is something I found while surfing.  It is a youtube ad, but the concept is quite interesting. 

How cute was that?  The kettle on the stove was the best.

So, I am now returning to knitting - my first love.
Let's see what I can come up with this time round.
It is going to be hard to top the Jenny Kee jumper - don't you think?


Sue said...

My love affair in the 80's was with the work of Kaffe Fassett and Sasha Kagan. Their knits were to die for! So good to see you post. You write about the most interesting things Sandy..... I can just hear your knitting needles clacking......! So sweet to do a project with your Mum.

cheers, Sue :-)

Stitch1Peta said...

I don't think the yarnbarn is there any more but there is a knitting shop near Fullarton community center I think it is called the knitting nook or something like that it has an amazing range of fibers

Sandy Pine said...

Thanks Peta,
I know the Needle Nook, I actually have Barb's Sew & Knit at Glenelg, Barb can sometimes be a, so I hesitate going to her. Needle Nook is a long way from home, but for the love of wool.......


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