Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More inspiration.....

I found this on a blog, but I have no idea who it was, so my apologies - but this is good to know.  I am intrigued by the process of art.  I plan to explore this in the future..............

What tips would I give to those looking to designing their own :
Well, first of all, enjoy yourself! Work from your heart and let your fantasy free. I read in a book that they are 5 stages that artists go through;
the first is: the primitive stage - art as children practise it - intuïtive and you can sense that it was so much fun making the piece!
The second stage is when you notice that you are starting to improve your technical skills, you are getting the hang of it.
The third stage is when you become inventive in your art, you are starting to experiment.
The fourth stage is when you become innovative.
And the last stage - which not many artists have managed to reach ;-) - is genius!

So what I'm trying to say is: if you really love what you do, this will reflect in your work and people will notice it. And then later on, if you have had time enough to practise and to grow, your work will start to evolve and it will get more and more beautiful and refined.

Thank you for that insight.  I can't wait to practice, practice, practice.............


Sue said...

My friend..... you are so smart! Keep groovin'!

Stitch1Peta said...

thanks Sandi You just answered a question for me.


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