Monday, October 24, 2016

To sell or not to sell

 So here is my dilemma.  I have dolls that I did not sell at the markets and I think I will put them on my Etsy site.
They are just calico (muslin) cloth and felt with safety eyes.

 They are quite cute and easy and quick to make now I have worked out the fastest way to put them together.  I just don't know how Etsy will work.  Some people don't have much traffic or sales, and the reality is that I would be very happy to just make and sell dolls online.  But, but, but will this be a successful venture.  I won't know unless I try.  If you have some experience with Etsy and advice, it would be much appreciated.
This little doll is a vinyl OOAK by doll maker Margaret Leonard here in South Australia.  I purchased this dear little elf at the Hahndorf doll show, but despite how cute he is................I don't want him.  Not at all.  So I will have to sell him too.  I may have to put him on Ebay because I did nto make him and he is not anything like I make, so he is not for my Etsy shop.
This mermaid I made in a class with Pam Grose from Western Australia.  She is about 60cm long with a wire armature and collon lycra skin painted in acrylics.  She is also not my knid of doll.  Learning the techniques was a great experience and Pam Grose had to be the most relaxed and friendly dollmaker I had ever met.  She is amazing and talented and so willing to share what she knows.
So now I just need to make the time to list these items and release them to someone else who will appreciate them.  When I have worked out the listings I will share the links


Sue McFadden said...

I had little luck selling dolls on Etsy but much response to tutorials and instruction, doll making materials. The market has changed quite a bit and I have not been active in selling dolls for some time. Etsy offers a lot of instruction on how to sell effectively. Read a lot of their how to articles, join like minded groups. Network with your fellow doll artists and see what works for them. Be willing to try new things and ideas about selling your work. A lot it has to do with how you present your work. Take risks.....

Sandy Pine said...

You are right Sue, it takes some research and Etsy seems user friendly. I need to make time for fellow artists, making time to view and comment on their work. I loved the dolls you made a few years ago, I even remember the pictures of your workshop/showroom and yourbutterfly logo. I can't believe you found me, and your encouragement means more to me than you know.

Sue McFadden said...

It was wonderful for me as well to see you up and running Sandy! Life is full of challenges but I know one thing as I grow older. Listen to your heart and your art. There is always a way!

The Stitch Fiddler said...

I can feel your heartbreak concerning your brand name. It's a shame that someone chose a name so close to yours. I wouldn't worry about using your brand name. But if you feel you must abandon it due to similarities, as Sue said, listen to your heart.

As for myself, I like to know the name of the person who made the item and I think your name, Sandy Pine, has a nice ring.

You may want to add your name to each photo you post on Blogger, Etsy and FB. People love to share. I see many doll photos without a name and wonder who made it.

I'm glad you've set up an Etsy shop. Enjoy your doll making and selling. I'm sure you'll do well.

The doll that's sitting on the basket with her burgundy boots is adorable.