Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Patti Culea

In my last post I hinted that we had a special guest at our doll group meeting. It was Patti Culea! She was able to offer a couple of workshops while visiting our part of the country. I was not able to attend the doll making workshop and because it was Father's Day on the next workshop I could only stay a short while (my boys wanted to have a BBQ with their dad).

I would have liked to have made the paper doll the girls embellished on the day. I LOVED paper dolls when I was little and am still fascinated with them. Patti's was the prettiest fairy which could be embellished with tyvek, angelina and embroidery tecniques. I have the pattern, so when I have time I will try to make her, she is such a sweet fairy.

Anyway........Patti was the sweetest lady. She is tiny, probably 4' nothing (Australian expression......) and was just so nice to talk to. She made time to mingle with the ladies and talked about the dolls and was genuinely interested in what we could do. Her comments were very kind, she said our dolls were better than some she had seen at the Houston Shows. We did excel ourselves with our display, and there were a lot of entusiatic dollmakers who brought a doll for Patti to judge. I do not know who won because I left early - not me had to take my doll and run...............but I will find out shortly.

Now Suzette tells me I am such a groupie and I am a bit for rubbing shoulders with famous faces, so I took my Patti Culea books for her to sign and she graciously put in a personal messge in both. I was so pleased, little things like that mean a lot to me, becuase when I am 99 and can't do stuff anymore at least I can sit and look at all my stuff and see I did meet some great people and had a great time learning from some very talented artists. Well that's my plan anyway, I still have lots of artists to meet!

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