Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I have just spent 4 days doing the newsletter for our doll group. It is more time consuming than I remember, but I am very fussy about the format and layout, so it takes ages to get it just right. It seems to satisfy a creative mental need whereas dolls satisfy my physical need. I haven't posted a picture of my Impossible Princess so here she is.............

She is a mask face doll. I intend to do a workshop on her in the new year. It is such a busy time at the moment and with Nathan's wedding just weeks away, not many dolls will be made. I have so many things on the go right now - I was going to release the Princess (and frog) pattern ,

while I am still designing the trapunto face and body for the Fairy Godmother - all of these to be patterns.

Then I think, well maybe I should just make dolls and sell them on Ebay, it would be so much easier. I am going away for the weekend so it mayhit me as to what I really want to do. Design and sell patterns, sculpt fairies, do clay over cloth, sell at craft fairs, sell on ebay, teach workshops................ oh boy...................I can do this - I just am not sure what this is!

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