Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Work in progress

Today I had a breakthrough, as an "artist" I seem to get stuck making design decisions, and it is the whole process of creating a doll that is all about decision making - height, pose, hair colour, costume, eyes. Every doll that is designed goes through this process. Susanna Oroyan wrote about this in her book Designing the Doll and I am terrible at it. I can't draw a sketch of what I want to do, I often look for inspiration from other sources, pictures, fabrics, other dolls. And I tend to get side tracked because there are so many options it can all get a bit hard - well it is for me. After talking to my sister Ingrid yesterday, I started with new determination to just start somewhere - like at the beginning - sculpt the head. My friend Jill said - make it and they will come.........the doll lovers, enthusiasts, buyers, it will all happen, just do it. And I did. I sculpted clay over cloth on a flat face and then I tried a seamed face. Next I will do the cloth sculpted face with clay over. All this is about getting a mature look to a cloth doll. I have already experimented with this method for my pattern doll Aliyah. Knowing what I want to achieve and creating it are two different things, but I am getting there - very slowly...........

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