Monday, November 23, 2009

The girls are finished!

So finally I have completed a FEW dolls. I didn't really show a good pic of the Mother Goose.  She was originally going to be
the Fairy Godmother, but I could never work out how she wanted to be dressed.  So, I guess she didn't want to be a fairy she was a  Mother - and she sat so easily on my hand felted Goose, dolls really do tell you who they want to be................

And so to my little 'Glorex' dolls.................
I have managed to finish them both.  They are just little girl dolls, I made them jackets and blanket stitched the raw edges.  I enjoyed adding little felt flowers to one jacket, and the other I finally added little wool flowers that  my mother gave me a few years ago!

The little teddy I made a few years ago from some reject fluffy bunny ears!
I don't have any names for the girls.  Any suggestions?  I am totally blank as far as their names......

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Sparklyjools said...

Hi Sandy - I've beeen MOA due to ill health and then building works for several weeks. Just trying to catch up pre Christmas!
Your latest dolls are stunning as ever.
I do love Mother Goose, and the little girls are so sweet. The red head struck me as an "Amy".



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