Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Who would have thought it!

You won't believe this............I have just made 2 dolls in 48 hours!!!!
We have our annual quilt show this weekend and the doll club has a display area allocated to promote our craft. Well, it is necessary to have an interesting display of new and different dolls and we had a theme display of a doll "riding something". A week ago, I decided to try needle felting a duck, just to try it. Well, the duck seemed to became a Goose, which then required a "Mother Goose" to be riding the Goose - hence the doll 'riding something'!
A while ago I started to make a fairy godmother with a paperclay face. She didn't get made because I got stuck on her clothing, and I didn't like her heavy shoes. She seemed to have a nice 'motherly' face sooooo.......Also, I tend to keep items of clothing I have previously made for dolls which either didn't fit or the doll was deconstructed.
So I had a body with arms attached, I didn't like the legs so I added reject legs from another project, and dressed her in the recycled clothes. I made her a black woolen vest and a hat which I glued together in 20 minutes.

I did run out of time, so I just slapped on a pair of boots I had in my stash.

The other doll is my Susie McMahon doll 'Moxie' which I had the wonderful experience of taking her class last November! Moxie had a body & head, but her arms and legs were not even stuffed and she needed gessoeing and painting, and her face on and her clothing!! I was up to the wee hours last night and spent about 4 hours this morning putting her together. I ran out of time to make shoes for her too and so I found some painted sneakers and gave her a clown doll to look after.

Now, I suspect she may need a complete makeover after the weekend, but for now she made it to the show and is there with a whole lot of other wonderful cloth dolls keeping her company. Amazing how I can work under pressure. My studio is a mess, but I have made 2 dolls that had been waiting to be created!

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