Thursday, March 25, 2010

Finally - Continuum

So here I am, in my new room, with 5 projects that I am committed to by April 10th!    These are:-  Titania, the partner for Oberon ( a pattern by Suzette Rugolo)  - seen here.   I made Oberon several years ago as a competition entry.  He won first place.  He is rather small - being of the fairy realm....    Suzette created Titania (the fairy) as a complementary pattern and I had always intended to make her. Well, with the Hahndorf Doll Show so close, our cloth doll club will have a display table with a sales table and a raffle.  So, I decided to donate Oberon and Titania for the raffle - BUT Titania was not made here I am madly trying to put together doll project 1.Titania is dressed in full 18th century panniers, underskirt, dress jacket etc..............................So tell me  - does this look like an 'S'??
The Idea is that the club will have a sign that is made up of dolls marking out the letters of the words for the 'Cloth Dolls Club'  So I have an 'S' and an 'h' to do...........  The doll is not the problem, it is all the costuming and adornments to make it look interesting! Dolls 2 and 3!
And lastly, my little sweethearts.  Remember I started these back here,  then got all caught up in my new doll making frenzy here.  Well that poor doll is waiting, partly dressed and at the moment,  these 2 little girls take priority and are numbers 4 & 5.
It will be a miracle if I get all this done in just over 2 weeks, but I will try.  I do really like my craft, and if I don't have time to do it I go a bit crazy and cranky.  My new room is good, and spacious, it's just at the front of the house and we live on a fairly busy main road, so the traffic noise is something I have to get used to. When I have a moment, and I tidy it up, I will take a picture of how I have settled in to the new room.
It's all good

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Jules said...

Gosh you are so busy! I think Titania will look fabulous and I love your mermaid "S". I'm glad your little Glorex girls are getting a look in too! Excited to see the finished results!



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