Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Unsold Sweethearts

These are the two little dolls, that did not sell at the show.  You can clearly see the difference in the mask faces, even though they are from the same mold.
The doll on the left has a mask made from buckram under the cotton lycra, you can see the original process I used here.

The other mask is paperclay over the original head and you can see it here.
The doll in blue has a much softer look for an all cloth doll. 
She looks a little worried or shy to me, which is good because it does give her character. 
So these girls can stay with me a while, I may sell them, when I decide to set up ebay or etsy.  We'll see.

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Jules said...

Congratulations on getting all your dolls finished for the show Sandy! I loved the "Cloth Dolls" sign, and how inventive were your mermaid and ballerina! So pleased that you sold your little red headed girl. The others are lovely, (the brunette is my favourite) the little blonde girl does look sweet and very wistful and I'm sure they'd both be snapped up if you decide to see on-line.

I'm fascinated to know how you make the little shoes? They are so cute. x


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