Thursday, February 24, 2011

Presenting Lady Emily

This is the clay over cloth doll I made a while ago.  She has a clay face and a painted body.  I really like her, but she is not quite there.  I will make sculpted hands and legs as in the previous post

I really rushed to do this next dolly.  She is a little bit prim, but not enough I think.  I'm not sure where she fits in doll making.  I would really like to try a Queen Anne Doll - actually I like  the Christine LeFever  interpretation of these types of dolls.
I have not actually finished her clothing and she needs some lace and trims on her dress to make her look more appealing.  The hat ribbon is too heavy I think.  So this girl will take a little more work to look good enough to sell.
Here is a Barbara Willis doll.  Her name is Forget Me Not Fairy (I think :-) (nearly forgot!)
She has been waiting for her clothing for over 18 months.  I would like to finish her and sell her at the Hahndorf Doll Show coming up in April.  A friend and I will have a stall there and I need to make some dolls to sell!  I thought it would give me an incentive to make dolls, but I am struggling to find the time of course!But I am trying, so I have a few heads underway, and arms and legs...............

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Sue said...

You go girl!!!!!! All of the dolls are beautiful! I especially like the prim doll. You are sooooo talented Sandy! Wish I lived closer, I'd be at your doll show in a heartbeat! Best wishes!


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