Monday, February 14, 2011

Now I have something to show you!

I started with a foil skull and neck
 Rolled out the paperclay and smoothed it over

I have not worried about the back of the head, but you should sculpt a nice shaped  head to get a more realistic shape!

        I love chopsticks - I use them for necks, for stuffing, for armatures. 
Here I have used them for shaping and the size of the leg and arms. 
I have some 'vintage' wooden chopsticks - seriously 30 years old! -  I like them because they are very tapered at the tip.

  I have made cupped palms for the hands

Adding clay

I use may hairdryer to speed up the drying

 Adding fingers

Adding clay to the face.  The head has already been baking for a few hours prior to this. 
 It is a much better way to add features.  Things stay put.

Baking, baking, baking for hours and hours and hours

My dolly is coming together

Here she is!
What do you think?


Dawn in the Forest said...

She's looks wonderful, can't wait to see her finished:)

Jules Woolford said...

This is a great post Sandy. She's gorgeous (as usual) I can't wait to see how you costume her. Thanks so much for sharing your technique. Thanks for the tip abput chopsticks too!x

Sue said...

I think your dolly is great! More, more!

Stitch1Peta said...

She is beautiful I want to make one.
Must talk to youabout the classes

Sandy Pine said...

Thank you for all your kind comments and encouragement. The plan is to make a lot more of these types of dolls...


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