Monday, March 28, 2011

So the plan was...........

So the plan was to make a heap of dolls and sell them at the Hahndorf Doll Show. Well, the show is next weekend, and somehow, I have not managed to get one doll finished!! I have lots of heads, arms, legs, bodies and quite a few dolls - but nothing finished. And now I have run out of time. This week I must get my house in order for the guests that will be arriving for my son's wedding on the 9th April.
I am really looking forward to the wedding - I just wish I could get things organised.
 I need a miracle.....

Heads, arms, legs
What I have realised is that my heads are a bit narrow, so I have had to add to the sides, to make them look softer.

 Now the face on the left looks too  cartoonish to me, so I have had to take off her eyes and do them over. 

Surprisingly, it is much improved!

So here I am still in progress, and run out of time.
Stay tuned to see what happens. 
 I may end up at the show with some of my old, old, old creations...


Sue said...

Hey, your number one fan here! Your dolls look fabulous!!!!! Keep going! Tell that inner critic to hush!

Stitch1Peta said...

Hopefully see you at Hahndorf when are you there. didn't get the newsletter and then forgot about the meeting.

Jules Woolford said...

Your dolls are amazing and wonderful - don't forget you're one of my main inspirations! Love the new blog look.x


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