Sunday, March 6, 2011

Last days of Summer

 I have to share these pictures with you.  I don't like to post unless I have pictures.  Well, I haven't progressed very far with dolls, so...............because it has been such a beautiful Summer, and these are the last days - Autumn starts in March..............   But these are the transitional days, and they are warm, with light breezes and cool nights and crisp mornings. 
My DH and I try to walk every day, and when we do, this is where we go.  From our street, we walk down to the beach and along this path.  Sometimes we go right to the Jetty, (in the opposite direction)   other times we just walk around the caravan park (and Fort).  This first picture is of the Surf Life Saving club - nothing like Baywatch...............

This walking path has little paths through the sand dunes that lead to the waters edge.  My DH doesn't like walking on the sand - it aggravates his knees - I love to walk along the waters edge, and on hot days, without shoes, splash through the water.  There are millions of tiny shells, little starfish, cuttlefish bones and tiny crabs......and these weird jellyfish that look like giant transparent beans that squish through your toes when you step on them..........

We are fascinated with the rabbits that live in the sand dunes.  They hop around the sea grass, and burrow into the sand (how they do this I don't understand - sand collapses and yet they have burrows!) We sometimes see them skidding down the small dunes.......

This is the best picture I could get of one little rabbit - I circled him in the picture.  There were 2 others, but they hopped away and my camera wasn't fast enough.

Next to the Caravan park, there is a Fort, you can see the cannon on the hill.  We have never toured the Fort (we have lived down the street for the last 15 years! but never investigated it)  There is also a tiny train that runs parallel to the path that takes childern (& adlults) from the Semaphore Jetty to the Fort.  It is a lovely ride for little ones and you must always wave to the train as it passes.  It goes all weekend through the Summer, and on holiday weekends through the year.

This is a common site, lots of dog walkers, even horses get exercised in the water, you see their hoof marks in the sand most mornings.  Mondays, after a weekend of football the local team come and exercise in the water. If I was a morning person I would time this more accurately - you get it, a bunch of muscular, fit  footballers in their swimmers getting wet....
Back to the sign - if you look closely, you will see a snake sign!  I have never seen a snake in the sand.  I once met a sleepy lizard which scared the pants off me!! (Lucky the footballers weren't around  :-o !!) I guess there might be snakes - aren't rabbits their favourite food?

Malcolm is heading toward the playground.  The council have also installed exercise equipment - small stepper machines, leg presses and stationary cycles!

Noonies the Icecreamery.  If you look closely you will see some people having coffee under the verandah.  (And my shadow on the left!)
All Summer you can buy fish and chips, drinks, Icecreams and hot dogs.  In Winter Noonies is open only on the weekends.  There are always people at the beach, and an icecream in Winter is still a treat.

This is my favourite picture.  This is my first sight as I cross the road to start my walk on the beach.  When I walk over that mound of sand, the water is sometimes lapping at the edge of the dunes.  Early morning, the sun is behind me.
I do like living so close to the beach.


Sue said...

Looks like a lovely place to walk Sandi! I'm taking a break right now at the beach in Florida to escape the long winter. Sand and water between my toes too!

Jules Woolford said...

That looks so nice, I am envious, I love the sea. It's really interesting to get an idea of the place where you live Sandi. We are near the estuary, but our 'beaches' are rocky inlets, and have mud not sand!

I don't know how I missed your last post, (maybe having a senior moment!) fabulous, fabulous dolls - as always.x


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