Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fortune Teller Doll

I started this doll in May of 2008.   She was going to be a fairy catcher or Edwardian type of Miss, but she didn't want to be anything like that.  So here we are in 2012 and this little girl is my Fortune Teller Doll!
She has her black stockings and pantaloons and her pose is the same.

 I stole some boots from an vintage doll I adopted and started to plan her costume and create all the paper fortunes.  Each leaf of her skirt has a fortune.  She has over 100 fortunes to tell!!!

The problem with having a paper skirt is that paper is very heavy.....(Think of a ream of paper)   And making all the papers fan out evenly around her hips is tricky to say the least.  But the effect is evident in how cute she turned out.  The fact some of the papers twisted at the back of her outfit is not a problem really.

I really enjoyed making her.  The challenge from the club got me thinking about making dolls again.  As much as I think I don't have time or really want to make dolls - it seems I do.  So perhaps there will be another doll on this site soon.  We'll see how much time I have to create something new in the near future.   Never say never..............


maddyrose said...

I love how your fortune telling doll turned out. She really is quite amazing and the fortunes in her skirt looks like it was a challenge to put together.

Sandy Pine said...

Yes, the fortunes took the longest to time to make for the doll. But then she just came together.

Jules said...

Wonderful to see you creating again Sandy. Beautiful work and your doll club meeting sounded like great fun!x

Jules said...

Great to see you creating dolls again, beautiful work, and your meeting looked like such fun.x

Jules said...

I have been trying to comment since you posted but keep getting thrown out by Blogger! Great to see you making dolls again, she's lovely, and the doll club event sounded great fun!x

Sandy Pine said...

Sorry Jules,
it is either I have neglected to check the comments or it is my settings. I am so out of touch with my blog - and everyone elses!
Sandy :-)

Anoosh Iqbal said...

Great job! I love art dolls too. I make them all the time. Your post is so inspiring, I want to try it with my new doll stencils. You must check them out too. You'll like them for sure!


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