Sunday, August 26, 2007


Last week I was contacted by a collector who had purchased one of my previous polymer clay dolls. That doll was made by a method I discovered on the website of the fabulous Jill Willich
Jill creates spoon dolls which are types of goblins and fairies sculpted over wooden spoons. She has a turorial on her site and being the creature I am, I tried her technique. My first goblin fellow was Fergus, who caught a fish. I have no photo of him but he had a lot of character and was very likeable, hence he sold rather quickly. The second character I made was gordon and he told me he loved to collect rocks..........

I didn't think he was going to ever be sold and out of the blue this wonderful lady contacts me and wants to purchase him. So Gordon has been sold, and now I am thinking about making more of this type of doll. I make Santas and I will attempt to create a pattern for one and see how it goes. Anyway here are more pictures of Gordon.......

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