Saturday, November 6, 2010

Here she is.....

Yes I did finish Pink Campagne..
She is acceptable, but not really the type of doll I want to make.  She may have to be "dismantled" after the weekend...................

It has been a busy weekend with the quilt and craft show here in Adelaide.
I always enjoy the show, there are so many opportunities to see what crafts people are doing.   There are workshops for all manner of crafting and lots of new information and techniques being developed and reinvented.
A couple of weeks ago I discovered the doll maker Dorote.
I like the type of doll she makes and the methods she uses.  She works in air dry clay and sometimes makes ball or ribbon jointed dolls, but look at this...........

It has to bee the most beautiful doll I have ever seen.  And I was in awe of the costume.  I was trying to work out how the sheer fabric could be made to hold its bubbled shape.  I searched the web, asked heaps of people andthen decided to take the picture to the show to see if anyone there could work it out. 
Well in a moment of serendipity one of my friends said " I am sure they are doing workshops on that technique at the front - go and ask them"
Well, of course there was a whole stand with chiffon, silk, organza and satins all in various stages of being manipulated into variations of this beautiful technique.  Which is related to the Japanese Shibori and the humble tie dying we westeners use.  The secret is in the .................I wonder if I should tell you?
Maybe next post.
See if you can work it out.
You can see the type of art
Sharyn Hall has on her web site.
Beautiful stuff.........
The fantastic shawl that Sharyn is wearing is an  Issey Miyake

I bought lots of little necessary things, I will show you in the next post.  So much fun, so much to see, so much to buy...................


Jules said...

Quilt shows - fatal money pits I call them!
What did you do with your lovely doll in the end? Was she dismembered? I hate to think of it!!!
I looked at that artist's blog - oh my, amazing stuff. Thanks for the link.

Sandy Pine said...

Well, I didn't have the heart to dismember the doll - yet.......

Karla of Dreamaginarius Arts said...

ohhh I love dolls!! you make gorgeous girls!!


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