Monday, November 1, 2010

Pink Champagne...........well not exactly..

I have made some progress.  I have to admit this doll - even though she is a frankenstein doll - is coming together only as an interpretation of the charecter from Moulin Rouge.  So my expectation of how she will look is very low.  She is not a competition doll.  She is only for display for a one off show. I have no burning desire to make and own a Moulin Rouge doll, and she is mostly cloth (which I am not so interested in compared to clay).  So making her at the moment, is quite a liberating experience.  I am not too worried about how wonderful she will look, she just has to look a bit good - if you know what I mean........
But she did go through that 'ugly stage' that happens in doll making - where your creation looks very very bad and you think there is not much you can do to save it.  Well I took a deep breath and accepted I needed to do a bit more to get a better result.  I am trying to make this doll with as little output as I can.  I have used everything from my stash, the one thing I did not have was pink ostrich feathers - which I would not go searching for.  So I went to the $2 store and found a dress up pink feather boa to make into the costume.
I used paper towel to create her costume and stitched it straight onto her body (one good thing about cloth dolls!)  Beading was not a new experience for me, I have lots of beads, but I am just not very creative in that area.  Neverthless, I think the beading works and I quite enjoyed adding the beads to make the costume sparkle.  In the previous photo I had attempted to use a beaded trim from my stash, but it was too heavy for the outfit and I knew I had to redo the whole front with a beaded trim, it took nearly 4 hours to do, but was worth it.  I just hope I don't have to go searching for ostrich feathers because the $2 ones are no good!!

Her shoes have been a challenge, and you can't see it here but I had to add paperclay to creat a heel that will go over the rods in the stand.  I know her legs are really out of shape, and her arms a bit chunky, but I am hoping that with the right pose and all the feathers, you won't really see that flaws.  My poor frankenstein girl.

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Sue said...

Wow, she is a stunner! Keep going!


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