Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Quilt show shopping

It is strange the things that you get caught up in.
I had made a firm decision that I was not going to buy anything at the show - because I have so much stuff which I am trying to reduce.

But here I am at the beginning of a new week and I have an array of items which I really needed.  I am happy that I did the fabric technique workshop and to my defence I did buy needles and a rotary blade sharpener.  I seem to wear out my blades very quickly.  And then I ended up buying the very pretty Japanese kit to make the string tie bag, and the pattern for the little purse.  My friend made the purse in a workshop, all hand stitched and finished in an hour!  Such a handy little thing - I thought it would be a cute makeup bag, others thought it would be good to keep their pearls in, and another wanted to just use it for sewing notions.  All very practical.  It could even be made out of pieced velvet  - and beaded...................Of course when I bought the pattern for the purse, I saw the bag and then the kit with all the fabrics.................I still wanted to get to the AK Traditions stall to buy the knitted dolly kit............ 

When I am going to have the time to make all these new items, I don't know.  But I liked them and I wanted them and we will just have to see.  I think that's why I like my blog.  I have a record of my plans and projects.......................


Stitch1Peta said...

I know what you mean I love my treasures I bought but did I really need them. Who cares. the knitted doll would be great for a granddaughter.

Sue said...

I think the same things Sandy but I do think it's really good to bring new ideas and materials into your studio. Best wishes and 'Pink Champagne' is a keeper. Beautiful doll!


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