Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hannie Sarris

I have just found out that we have lost Hannie Sarris.   I beleive she passed away in May of this year The pictured bust is called sadness and it is a recent work.  Hannie had for the past couple of years been doing workshops teaching her sculpting method in air dry clay.  When you visit the web site have a look at the wonderful dolls her students made.  I am devastated, especially since I bought her book
I learnt so much from her clear pictures and instructions.  Her dolls are beautiful.  I am ashamed to say I have lost her book.  I have a terrible feeling I put it out with the recycling.  I have searched hi and lo and with all the shifting from room to room and going through my is definitely gone.  And now Hannie is gone and there will never be that workshop to go to.

This quote I found on  Annadan  - the translation from russian is a little wonky......
I know that angels are all around us,
we go through life "the way" and are confronted with them at every turn.
Books that we read
The colors that we see
All information that passes through us
and we are through it - all is the manifestation of Angels,
manifestation in all - the main thing to feel.


Sue said...

I was equally sadden to hear of Hanni's passing last spring. She really set the standard for beautiful doll sculpting and her workshops looked outstanding! Go to Amazon, perhaps you can find her book again.

Jules said...

Oh how sad, what a talent has been lost.


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