Monday, October 18, 2010

The more things change the more they stay the same......

Surprise!  I could not stay away from my blog.  Even though I have not been making any dolls - well actually I did make these................but I will elaborate on that later...........
I just need to put something out there, I guess as a personal journal - although the whole world can see it if they choose - not that personal?
Anyway, I just have not had the time or inclination to make dolls.  Remember I moved into this terrific new space, and I had room to do workshops and blah blah blah.  WELL, I decided my creativity was stifled in that part of the house - it was too removed from the living areas and I would walk in and walk straight out again unable to pick up a piece of work!  There are so many UFO's that I could just quietly work on to finish - but nothing!
Soooooooooo - I am moving back into my tiny workroom.  Malcolm refuses to put any shelves on the wall, and the storage is all on one wall, not quite how I had it before.

So now I will see if I do get to make a doll in this space.  In November there is a craft show here in Adelaide and the theme is Musicals - so I will make a Moulin Rouge type doll, because I promised a friend I would make something.
A few weeks ago, there was a doll show in the southern suburbs and I found this.......................

When I was little, my dad would get books from the second hand shops, I remember reading the Rupert annuals.  I loved Rupert.  He was such a helpful friend - not as silly as Pooh bear (but I still liked Pooh bear too).
Many years ago I found a small Rupert bear in a shop here in Adelaide, but I did not buy it because I thought it was too expensive.  So when I saw this one, I had to have him, he is about 14"  (45cm) and compared to the little one (20years ago) he was a good price.
So, let's see if I can get something made in between all the work I have now I am working full time for my husband.
Also, I have come to a decision about my doll making.  I will no longer make or sell doll patterns.  As much as it is a great little sideline to earn money from this craft, I just don't want to do it anymore.  I don't actually want to teach either!  I still want to explore my own methods and create a distinctive style - which I do not have- so any dolls I make now will be just art.  I am a doll artist or figurative artist or whatever...........I am still trying to find my way, so teaching others is not really logical.  What do you think?


Stitch1Peta said...

Hi Sandy
Welcome back to the Blogosphere. I think life is too short to not do what ever you are happy doing. I don't the secret to sucess but the secet to failure is trying to please everybody else. I have a beautiful work room and i still find my most happy creative place is the kitchen table.

Sue said...

Do what moves you. It changes or has for me over the years. Perfectly ok! Sometimes we get locked into what we think we should do, not what our inner voice is coaxing us to do. I wish you the best Sandy in anything that you do. I like your smaller room, kind of like a cocoon. Mine is similar in my basement. Nothing fancy, just works and it is mine!

Jules said...

Yes, welcome back -you have been much missed! x


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