Thursday, October 28, 2010

Where do old dolls go?

I decided to add a couple of pictures of my early dolls, that I may not have shown.
This one is a pattern doll from Sherry Goshon, it is one of the first mask face dolls I made.  She turned out quite well, but she is nothing like the pattern that Sherry did.
 (When I have more time I will add the links, it's a bit late at the moment.)

This is another mask face doll created by Leslie Molen.  The pattern is The Gossips.

Now here is Moxie.  Another mask face doll which I had the pleasure of making in a class with Susie McMahon.  Again, she is nothing like Susie's Moxie, but at least I did finish her.  Often with workshops, if you don't finish the doll on the day - she becomes a UFO and then it takes forever to get back in the mood to finish.
You will be shocked to hear that the first 2 dolls have been dis-assembled.  I feel bad about doing this, but the challenge is in making the doll - then what do you do with it?  It can sit on a shelf for forever, with all the other dolls that come along.  You might be saying sell them on ebay, but you know, because they are another artists design, you often cannot 'sell their work' and as I have designed my own dolls now, they are not really my dolls, they are someone elses vision.  So the sad fact is that a lot of my dolls have been dis-assembled.  Many.  And there are currently a few more hovering over the bin.  So if you think I am wrong in doing this, you are welcome to suggest an alternative.  The more dolls I make, the more they change and some of these old dolls just don't belong anymore, and sadly are just not good enough to sell.


Stitch1Peta said...

Making dolls is about YOUR creative expression. so remake whatever you like. Life is to short to not do whatever you want.

Sandy Pine said...

Thank you Peta,
I can rid myself of any of my less than acceptable creations now without guilt. You have answered my question. I know just the thing I can give you as a prize..........................

Stitch1Peta said...

You could give them to Lorell for her Halloween creations


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